Baby and pet product distributors with a passion for family

Welcome to Sahai. We’ve been baby and pet product distributors since 2002. In Australia and New Zealand, we’re renowned for marketing and distributing the very best international pet and baby brands.

Sahai is committed to distributing top quality, distinctly innovative brands that make a true difference to the lives of parents and their babies and pets.

What makes Sahai different?

At Sahai, we know that not all baby and pet products are equal. Our understanding of the crucial early stages of life and their ongoing development for both pets and babies is at the core of our success. We take pride in being a committed and reliable distributor of baby and pet products who deliver on our promise.

Consider our credentials:

  • Nearly 20 years’ experience distributing innovative international baby and pet brands
  • Large warehouse facilities centrally located in Sydney
  • Efficient logistics for 100% on time order fulfilment (DIFOT)
  • EDI compliant

The baby and pet brands we distribute

At Sahai, we specialise in the distribution of baby feeding accessories and pet accessories. We know that families demand the best. We’re proud to represent the following quality baby and pet brands.

Our brands

The face behind Sahai

The face behind Sahai is Sudhakar Rao, an experienced businessman with more than 30 years spent in marketing and business development.

Sudhakar set up Sahai in 2001, with the goal of getting high-quality and innovative international pet and baby brands into the hands of Australian consumers.

In addition to the many pet and baby brands listed above, Sudhakar has worked with brands like Hasbro & Jackel in Thailand, Canada, the UK and the USA. He has a passion for business consulting and getting brands established, and is an active member of the Australian entrepreneurial community.

Products baby

Our customers

Sahai is geared to supply chain requirements for all major retail chains and independents. Over the years, we are proud to have partnered with the following retailers as their baby and pet product distributors.

Our brands

Get in touch

If you are a pet or baby product manufacturer looking for a distributor, or you’re a retailer looking to stock a high-quality range of pet or baby products, get in touch today.

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Ph: +61 2 8625 3317 or +61 2 8625 3340, email: [email protected]